Style: Olsen's Edition

I LOVE the Olsen sisters. They always look pulled together, but just grungy enough to be super cool and edgy. I'm pretty convinced they are the ONLY people alive who can wash their hair that rarely and get away with it.

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Learning to Render

We just started learning to render interiors today in class and it was so fun!

Here is my cabinet rendering from in class today! It was really fun, once I actually had someone talk me through it step-by-step.

I found this incredible book that describes how to make watercolor and marker renderings for interior design. It's called Interior Design Illustrated. It gives such great tips and amazing illustrations... I have to share some pics!

This cover makes me want to draw some chairs!

Aren't they incredible? The book describes how to make every image step-by-step down to the marker color, if you are looking to find that exact look.

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Needlepoint Iphone Case

How cool are these?? They've been around for a while, but people are just making the most amazing designs on their cases, I had to share. I think I might have to buy one of these!

Aren't they fun!

Kate Spade Favorites

I love looking around katespade.com every once in a while for something colorful, and she didn't disappoint! And those elephant salt/pepper shakers?? So cute.


Winter Fashion Inspiration

It is COLD here! It's not that it's raining so much, it's more just that deep humid cold that I'm not used to that catches me off guard. So for today, I needed some cold weather outfit inspiration!

I could buy all of these right now! Especially that colorful chunky knit sweater Miroslava Duma is wearing!

Olivia's Poncho // Miroslava's Chunky Knit // Lookbook nu // Surplus Jacket // Jessica's Outfit // Fur Jacket Image


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